Debunking 5 Outsourced Sales Misconceptions

Debunking 5 Outsourced Sales Misconceptions

The business world goes beyond your own organization and into a world of freelancers, vendors, and consultants. While people will hire temporary help around the office for tasks such as data entry without a second thought, outsourcing a sales force has picked up a bad reputation. We’re here to dispel the rumors you’ve heard. In today’s entry, we’ll be debunking five outsourced sales misconceptions and giving you the truth about what happens when you partner with professional reps.

“I Already Have a Sales Team. I Don’t Need Another.”

Let’s shift our attention from the sales floor to the back office. On the product side of many agencies, creative directors aren’t above hiring freelancers and consultants to shore up their operations. It can be a matter of needing a few extra hands at a busy time. Sometimes a project calls for a specialist that isn’t on staff. Perhaps it’s a matter of introducing some fresh voices into a stale room.

These same principles map remarkably well to sales departments, too. Are you rolling out a new product that requires a custom approach? Do you need to delegate tasks as your business grows? That’s where our outsourcing service comes in—supplementing the team you have, not compensating for the one you don’t.

“My Budget Is Tight. I Can’t Afford To Outsource.”

Whether you’re onboarding or outsourcing, having a sales staff isn’t free. However, the costs of building a team from the ground up can quickly escalate beyond your budget. Consider the training and technology costs that come with setting up systems and coaching recent college grads. You may not be ready for the headcount you need. By outsourcing your sales team in the short term, you can take a measured approach to building a team of your own while the sales pros at Racket Reps handle the present.

“When I Outsource My Team, I Lose Control of the Process.”

We get it: you don’t want to take something as important as revenue generation and place it in someone else’s hands. It’s especially hard when you’re a stakeholder in your business and have played a personal part in getting to this point. Fortunately, we’re not a one-size-fits-all operation. We’ll coordinate with you to maximize product and process knowledge, align with your brand and values, and maintain communication along the way. You probably don’t cook every meal you eat—let our reps get things cooking for you.

“Outsourced Sales Teams Just Handle Lead Generation.”

This isn’t a “no.” It’s a “yes, and.” When you outsource your sales force, yes, you’re getting quality lead generation that you may not have been able to procure internally. An elite team goes beyond harvesting leads and into offering deeper expertise. Outsourced sales teams can improve cold-calling practices, fine-tune the prospecting process, and otherwise help convert those leads they generate.

“Outsourcers Don’t Sell My Company; They Sell Themselves.”

One of the most pervasive misconceptions of outsourced sales is that the team doesn’t have your best interests at heart. We’re happy to use our own space to get the word out about our business development services, but once you partner with Racket Reps, we are a devoted extension of your company and your brand. When you win, we win—and credit from you is all the credit we need.