Why Relationship Selling Is Essential for Increasing Sales

Why Relationship Selling Is Essential for Increasing Sales

As children, we learned the lesson of treating others with respect and kindness in the hopes that they would return the favor. The assumption that individuals would react similarly to one another is known as the reciprocity social norm.

The significance of putting a sales relationship plan in place stems from the reality that you need another person’s assistance to achieve targets that would have previously seemed unattainable. It’s the prototypical “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” arrangement, which is why relationship selling is essential for increasing sales.

Examples of Relationship Selling

There are two prime examples of relationship selling: partnerships and referrals. Like developing a long-lasting relationship with your life partner, a business partnership requires you to be there for your client, carefully handling any complications.

Partnerships can flourish when each party shares the same ideals and is on the same page. When everyone understands each partner’s goal, they can find common ground to achieve both aspirations. Furthermore, when you’re in a partnership, the salesperson’s job shifts from selling to assisting and managing.

Even though most company owners and salespeople claim they would like to acquire clients via referrals, many don’t have a plan in place for doing so. You can get the ball rolling by asking previous customers and rejected prospects that appreciated your due diligence but felt the time wasn’t right for a partnership. These contacts may do you a solid and connect you with someone else that will benefit your business.

Reading the Room

Sensing the perfect moment is key to establishing your relationship-building approach to boost sales. Abruptly asking for a referral won’t sit well with the client, jeopardizing the relationship you’ve built. Set the tone early in your interactions with prospects to help them understand what to anticipate.

When the opportunity presents itself, you can ask if they know of two or three others who may need your service. Asking for referral sales after a client has positively mentioned how you assisted them is very beneficial. 

Talk Less, Smile More

The golden rule of dealing with customers is active listening. In the end, answering their questions is more integral than pitching your services. By showing genuine interest in the person you’re dealing with, you give them a sense of importance, instantly establish trust, and forge a personal relationship.

As the discussion continues, you may discover that you have similar objectives, various methods in which you may assist one another, or ways to assist your company with a particular requirement.

Stick to Your Word

You must fulfill your commitments if you want your sales connection approach to succeed. Because, regrettably, the moment you breach a commitment or fail to honor a promise, you tarnish your character—and no one wants to work with someone they cannot trust.

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