Outsourced Account Management

Stop waiting to find leads for your small business. With Racket Rep’s US-based outsourced account management services, you’ll have top-quality consulting and sales-driven performance at your fingertips. With one phone call, you can easily work with us to streamline your account management no matter the issue. With Racket’s enterprise account managers, you can trust our professionals to take care of everything.

Increase Revenue

No one in business wants to see their net income drop to a loss. That’s why our US-based outsourced account management services increase revenue and help avoid common mistakes when closing sales. Strategic account management is a tricky part of sales, but our SAAS-targeted strategies ensure higher quarterly profits from more proficient business-client relationships. Naturally, because of our sales-driven professional team, you generate more revenue. Also, since we tailor our strategies to fit your business, we increase your marketing, brand outreach, and customer base to make your business stand out against the rest.

Perform Product Demonstrations

A demo is a promotion where a company demonstrates a product or service for potential customers. Often, they provide a visual aid for whatever product or service you’re marketing. Demos are a great way to build customer trust because they allow customers to directly engage with your product or service. Demos also act as a forum for customers to ask questions or pose product-related concerns. All told, managing your product demo is important. That’s why our product demonstrations incorporate your product into a customer-friendly medium. Your customers will see through these demos the benefits of your product over the competitors’ offerings, thereby improving your brand recognition and target market.

Nurture Leads & Client Relationships

At the end of the day, business is all about trust. Nurturing your leads and client relationships is one of the most essential qualities of running a successful business. Some people may not understand that, however, which is where our outsourced client account management and prospecting services come in handy. Because we help nurture leads and build client relationships, we set you up for a strong sale. Our numbers speak for themselves. Racket Rep’s has increased 40 percent of closed sales and over 70 percent of sales growth for our clients. That’s how a trustworthy client relationship proves itself when boosting your business.

If you’re confused on how to get started, simply fill out our questionnaire and schedule a web meeting; we’ll consult to determine the best practices moving forward. Our customizable programs fit your unique needs. From there, we’ll set an appropriate start date, so you can reap the benefits as soon as possible. Contact us today with any questions or concerns about B2B account management. Our professional team is happy to help in any way we can.