The Best Tips To Help Your Sales Team Close Cold Calls

The Best Tips To Help Your Sales Team Close Cold Calls

Cold calling is the bane of salespeople’s existence. However, it’s also a cause for frustration on the receiving end. Learning the best tips to help your sales team close cold calls can be a game changer to ease the minds of both parties.

Have a Script

When you’re making hundreds of calls a day, it can help to formulate a game plan before dialing the next number. With so many unique businesses, it can be challenging to do the proper research to individualize your conversation with each one. Therefore, a script that casts a wide net could benefit you.

Some people excel at things when everything is all laid out. A cold-calling script does that, easing the apprehension a cold-caller may have as they await an answer. A script should have a clear list of steps, FAQ answers, and how to handle objections. A script in front of you is your crash pad if things go awry and you need to get back on track.

Call at an Opportune Time

Everyone can relate to the annoyance of receiving a phone call at the worst possible time. Cold calls can also come at an unfortunate time, giving you an uphill battle from the start. Try to determine a good time to call by determining their business hours and when they come into the office. You can do this by analyzing past calls and ascertaining the most optimal time.

Most salespeople prefer a morning call, but you don’t want to call too early. Allow them to settle for half an hour before you pounce. You don’t want to call near lunch or the end of the day because the only thing on their mind could be food or leaving the office.

Don’t Go Directly Into Your Pitch

When you begin your pitch, you don’t want to sound like a car dealership radio commercial. The more selling you do from the start, the worse off you will be. While you may be able to solve a customer’s problem in spades, they are more likely to make a deal when the encounter is cordial, pleasant, and informative. If you’re overbearing and stubborn, they will immediately tune you out.

Create a Dialogue

In tune with not pitching immediately, each conversation needs to be an open dialogue. Sticking to your script without taking a breath or talking over the customer is a surefire path to rejection. Letting the customer speak and ask questions makes them feel heard and appreciated and can help you discover new information. If they are persistent about an issue, you’ll know what to say to drive their interest.

The best tips to help your sales team close cold calls make a huge difference in the grand scheme. Finding clients via cold calling is difficult, so if you can perfect the art, you’ll be an asset to any company. Racket Reps can provide US-based SDR outsourcing for those struggling with cold call conversions. Our expert sales team will work with your business for as long as necessary. Contact us today to see how Racket Reps can help.