A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Sales Prospecting

A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Sales Prospecting

Regardless of the industry, growing your business requires sales prospecting. Sales prospecting helps you find, follow, and close qualified leads. There are different ways you can prospect, so let this quick guide to the different types of sales prospecting help steer you in the right direction.

Get a Referral

One of the most effective ways to get anything we want in life is through a referral. Without referrals, many of us wouldn’t be working where we are now. Similarly, many sales would not have occured if a referral hadn’t guided them.

A referral gets you in touch with the correct people or decision-makers from the get-go. You also have a good starting point to strike up a conversation by saying something like, “my predecessors told me they got a great price and product when they worked with you in years past.” You can get down to business and strike up a deal quickly when there is a common denominator.

Start Networking

Networking isn’t necessarily an action or an event; it’s more of a process. Building a network requires patience and dedication, particularly if you are in unfamiliar territory. Determine who your potential suitors could be and get to know them personally. A friendly conversation could get you in their good graces even if you’re not talking business initially. Moreover, if you make a good impression on them, they could begin to vouch for you elsewhere, helping you set the pillars of a strong network.

Email Marketing

Email is free, quick, and accessible to almost everyone, which is why many opt for email marketing. Customers can learn about what you’re offering without going out of their way, but your email must have a purpose.

The first few words in the email must grab their attention without it seeming too advertorial. You want to pull them in and keep their attention. Anything ordinary is dead on arrival and will get quickly deleted. But email marketing casts a wide net over a potential pool of interested parties. 

Creating Content

In today’s world, content is the most integral part of a business that wants to grow. How will someone know you even exist if you don’t get your name out there? Building an online presence and promoting your product or services without selling puts you in a good position to make a long-lasting impact.

Calling the Right People

Many salespeople constantly have their ears on the phone to make sales. Cold calling is an art form to most people since it takes a special talent to be successful at it. Knowing whom you are calling helps you better understand whom to target and what to say. This method is called “warm calling” because you aren’t calling completely in the dark. You could also send an email or create a connection on a social media platform as a gentle introduction, giving the person an idea of who you are when you do call.

This quick guide to the different sales prospecting types shows you multiple ways to reel in a big fish. The SDR recruiting services at Racket Reps know all too well about these tactics, and we can help you achieve your sales goals. If your internal sales team is lacking or overwhelmed, contact Racket Reps to let our team assist you.